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Veritus Ltd. has a very professional and unique approach to the business of authenticity, Veritus provides a written guarantee. This is contrary to every other source of authentication. The "experts" merely provide opinions, leaving a window of doubt in the event they are proven wrong at a later date. No expert will accept any financial responsibility for any errors or mistakes in his or her attribution. The major auction houses provide disclaimers when they sell Old Master paintings; this disclaimer absolves auction houses from bearing any financial responsibility for the authenticity of the works of art they sell.
    Veritus does not adhere to unprofessional approaches on the critical issue of authenticity, rather Veritus takes the lead in a thoroughly professional and decisive approach to authenticity. Veritus has total and complete confidence in the authoritative database that it has developed for Old Master paintings. This unmitigated confidence allows Veritus to provide a written and incontestable guarantee for the accuracy of every Veritus Digital Certificate. Since Veritus issued its first guaranteed digital certificate in 1992, not a single certificate has ever been challenged or disputed.
    The Veritus guarantee is simple and contains no fine print or disclaimers:
   Should any entity purchase any painting bearing a genuine and original Veritus Digital Certificate that conclusively attributes the painting to an artist and if the painting is later re-attributed by forensic, scientific means and proven to be by the hand of a different artist, Veritus will refund to the claimant the full purchase price of the painting which held the Veritus Digital Certificate. The claimant may both continue to retain the painting and redeem the full purchase price of the mis-attributed painting.
The Veritus guarantee is simple and without qualifiers. No other method of determining authenticity will provide this level of confidence to a banker, a collector, an investor or an insurance carrier. The level of financial risk is too extreme with the purchase of an important Old Master painting to base the financial decision upon anything other than a full and comprehensive guarantee of authenticity. Mystical or psychic readings by self-appointed experts who often receive hidden commissions for their expertise can not offer this forensic and scientific level of confidence.
    Self-appointed experts still have their place in the art market, as questionable paintings that can not be authenticated through forensic means can receive opinions of authenticity from these experts. However, the 2,000-year-old qualifier, "caveat emptor" (let the buyer beware), applies when the opinion of an expert is used exclusively to judge a painting's authenticity, and the buyer should pay a proportionately lower price when buying a questionable painting.
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