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Veritus Ltd. has moved all its operations to its Asian offices and will soon be expanding its operations to include additional artists.

    The most important breakthrough at Veritus Ltd. is the debut of the fifth generation software and algorithms.

    Veritus is also evaluating the results of the new Algorithms and has found them to be authoritative with most renaissance artists. The Veritus technicians will continue to run tests in this area over the next calendar year. If the testing continues to show the stellar results that have been occurring with Renaissance artists, Veritus will expand completely into the renaissance period of attributions over the next year.

    Veritus Ltd. would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the following changes that will occur over the next few months. Veritus Ltd., all rights to Veritus proprietary technology and the complete Veritus database have been sold to an Asian consortium. This consortium will continue to provide all present Veritus services and honor all existing insurance certificates. In addition, the new organization will expand both the range of services offered at its Hong Kong location.

    Veritus offers its sincere regret for any short-term inconvenience that this transfer of operations might cause to its valued clients. However, in the longer term, the new organization will provide a much broader range of services in a more expeditious manner than was ever possible from the existing operation.
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