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Veritus receives numerous requests by e-mail for information. This section provides answers to the most common questions.
    If you have a question which is not answered on this page, please e-mail your question to the address provided at the bottom of this page.
Why does Veritus not use fax or phone?
    Veritus does not use fax because the company maintains an electronic record of all correspondence received and sent. This is the reason that the preferred method of correspondence is by e-mail. Fax is an obsolete technology that does not lend itself well to creating and maintaining an electronic record.
    Veritus does not use telephone for several reasons. For security reasons Veritus maintains a record of all information exchanges. This is to insure that there is never a question about what has been said about any subject. If Veritus were to use phones, it would be necessary to record all conversations. Recording all telephone conversations poses a number of problems.
    Additionally, it was decided early that there would be no opening for any corruption in the organisation. Historically a large amount of money has exchanged hands for granting favourable expertise. Veritus believes that the best way to solve a problem is avoid it in the first place. Thus the company is a highly compartmentalised organisation. Data Analysis is conducted by two different teams. Each team submits its report separately; and the results must match. Therefore, no one team can effect any change in the analysis.
    Those who handle correspondence have no access to data other than what is posted on this web site. The names of all employees are kept confidential, and their employment records are all handled through a trust company.
Why is the price the same for a certificate if the painting is an 18th century copy or an original Raphael?
    Veritus has no vested interest in the outcome of a certificate. It is the only way that Veritus can insure accurate and honest attribution. The time taken for computer analysis and by our staff is the same for both paintings; the charge should be the same. If the work was the same for two separate paintings and the payment to Veritus was much higher for a certain result there could always be questions about the results.
What is your relationship to other experts?
    Veritus Ltd. has no formal relationship with any art expert. Veritus Ltd. provides a technology that allows for the reliable authentication of paintings. From time to time Veritus is contacted by an expert who wishes to insure that a painting is authentic prior to writing a certificate of authenticity.
How did you find a way to do this?
    The Veritus digital brushstroke analysis and digital colour pallet analysis were spin-off technologies originally developed for the bio-medical research sector. The algorithms used are highly sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms, not unlike those used in the human genome project for mapping DNA. A more complete explanation of technology, it's limitations and the use of algorithms can be found in the Technology Core Area.
    The actual discovery of the repeating brushstroke nuances was a combination of great dedication to the goal and thousands of hours of computer research.
Can I obtain information about false or misattributed paintings?
    It is Veritus policy to never directly release this information without the permission of the owner and/or the certificate holder. At present, the only exception to this Veritus policy is in legal cases involving fraud or misrepresentation.
How do I obtain a Veritus certificate for a painting?
    Contact Veritus with your request. Veritus will send to you  complete information for a digital verification accompanied with several enclosures that describe the various aspects of certification. This information can be provided either by e-mail or by post.
Is Veritus accepting applications for employment?
    Veritus is fully staffed in its Swiss and Liechtenstein offices. However, Veritus is doing a feasibility study during 1998 for an office in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. When the location is decided, Veritus will begin to accept applications for employment. Veritus does not keep unsolicited applications on file.
How long does it take to obtain a digital verification?
    The time varies according to Veritus workload. When an application is submitted for a certificate, Veritus will provide an estimate of the time involved. At the time this page was last updated, the delay between complete submission and the issuance of a certificate was twelve working days.
Can Veritus supply an expert witness for a legal case?
Does Veritus sell any paintings?
    Absolutely not. Veritus only provides digital verification as an independent third party. Further, Veritus requires all personnel to sign an agreement before accepting employment. The agreement commits the employee to an immediate discharge in the event it is discovered that the employee has been involved in any art purchase or sale while in the employment of Veritus.
    The art sales policy and the non-disclosure policy are rigorously enforced by Veritus. 
Does Veritus provide estimates of value for paintings?
    No, Veritus only provides verifications of attribution and authenticity.
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