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"Paintings are accepted or rejected solely on their own merits."

The Goya Research Committee is examining works for inclusion in the forthcoming Catalogue Raisonné. If you have a work or possess information on a work that you believe should be included in the forthcoming Francisco de Goya Catalogue Raisonné, the Committee asks that you submit the work for consideration.
    The Goya Research Committee will require the following to begin an initial examination:

  • An ektachrome or a professional quality photograph. Please do not send amateur photos or electronically produced images such as laser prints or digital photographs.
  • A dossier of previous painting references. This should include information from any previous published records or expertise.
  • The provenance as far as it is known. This should include the current owner(s) if it is known. Contact information for the current owner should be provided, if known.
  • The relationship of the person making the submission to the art work submitted. For example, are you the owner, an art dealer, an expert, an appraiser, an insurance carrier, a lien holder, a previous owner, etc. Your name and relationship will be held confidential.

    This information should be provided by registered post to Veritus Ltd.. The Committee will examine the submitted data and then provide a list of requirements for the continued examination and inclusion. All photographs and ektachromes submitted to Veritus Ltd. become the property of Veritus Ltd.. Additional requirements generally involve detail ektachromes and a current Conservation Report.
    Paintings are accepted or rejected solely on their own merits. All information provided to Veritus Ltd. and the results of the examinations are held in the strictest of confidence. Veritus Ltd. will release no information to any third party.
    All paintings that meet the criteria of inclusion will be published, unless Veritus receives a written request to the contrary. The owner’s name will withheld in the Catalogue Raisonné at his or her written request. Works that fail to meet the criteria for inclusion are simply not included nor are they published. Any information about the failure of the work to meet the criteria is held in the strictest of confidence and will not be released to any third party. The only exception to this policy is in legal cases that involve fraud or misrepresentation.

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