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Veritus Ltd., the world leader in state-of-the-art forensic authentication of Old Master paintings, is publishing its findings free of charge through this Website. Veritus employs its technologies to factually establish the indisputable authorship of paintings dating from the 16th through the 19th centuries.
    Since the early 1900s questionable and fraudulent Old Master attributions have been made at scandalous proportions. This tsunami of false and/or fraudulent attributions is the result of the mindless acceptance of viewpoints of self-appointed experts rather than the logical reliance upon established and irrefutable forensic science and facts. Compounding the attribution problem are the frequent revelations that numerous experts authenticated paintings when a fee was received and denied authentication when a fee was not tendered. Frequently, such expertise was granted merely on the basis of cash exchanged without the expert ever viewing the work of art.
    With the mission of providing authoritative and accurate attribution, Veritus publishes its findings on Old Master paintings. Veritus, however, withholds its findings on questionable and/or forged paintings. Veritus utilizes the latest in state-of-the-art, forensic verification technologies to determine accurate attributions for artists long dead. This process eliminates human error, bias, fraud and deception in determining authorship.
    Unlike the subjective opinions of self-appointed experts, no Veritus attribution has been forensically challenged in more than a decade-and-a-half of research. Unlike the opinions of experts, Veritus Digital Certificates are backed with a guarantee of a full purchase price refund should a painting's Veritus authenticity certificate ever be forensically proven incorrect. The very most a buyer can hope for from a self-appointed expert who makes a mistake is an apology.
    The Board of Directors of Veritus is confident that the use of forensic evidence and 21st Century technologies will become the de facto standard for all Old Master attributions. Authoritative, reliable and repeatable attributions based upon modern forensic technology completely eliminate human error, fraud and bias. Unlike expert opinions that are merely based upon dubious, mystical feelings, or the educated eye, all Veritus attributions are based upon fact. No other method of verification provides the level of security or confidence for the collector, banker or insurance carrier.
    Until recently fine art attribution was the only global multi-million dollar business that did not rely upon fact to provide authentication of property. Veritus digital attributions are becoming the industry standard for insurance litigation cases, insulating insurance companies from risks of fraud involving multi-million dollar policies on paintings worth only a few thousand dollars. Veritus Digital Certificates provide conclusive forensic evidence in legal cases involving fraudulent mis-attribution. Banks worldwide are requiring Veritus digital verification before granting loans for the purchase of or loans against works of art. No serious collector should purchase a painting without verifying its authenticity through the application of forensic digital technology.
    The Veritus Website is extensive and contains several hundred pages of data, research and explanation. The site is organized around five core areas to allow simple navigation of the vast number of pages available to the researcher or casual viewer.

"...fraudulent Old Master attributions have been made at scandalous proportions."
"...forensic technology completely eliminating human error, fraud and bias."
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